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6in Aeonium Arboreum - Variation 1

6in Aeonium Arboreum - Variation 1

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Introducing our Aeonium collection! These vibrant succulents are perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces, adding a unique touch to any environment.


- No pot or substrate is include with the succulent
- We ship the same succulent to you as the one in the photos
- Succulents are shipped with a dry and bare root to prevent rotting or stretching
- Please allow up to 5-6 days for succulent roots to dry

­č¬┤Basic Care Info

Aeoniums thrive in a variety of light conditions, from partial shade to direct sunlight. Placing them in brighter sunlight tends to result in more compact rosettes. When watering, allow the soil to completely dry out between watering sessions. A well-draining potting mix is essential to prevent root rot. Keep in mind that watering patterns change with seasons, especially during their growing season in spring and fall.

In terms of temperature, they thrive in moderate to warm climates and prefer temperatures between 65┬░F to 75┬░F (18┬░C to 24┬░C). During colder months, protect them from frost or excessive cold by bringing them indoors or providing adequate insulation.


Diameter: 6in
Height: 9in

Care information

For general tips on succulent care, visit our Succulent Tips page.

Packaging & Shipping

Our succulents are shipped bare-root (unless otherwise specified) to ensure they arrive in good condition. We wrap them in tissue paper, which is more breathable for plants than plastic, and pack them in sturdy boxes. For fragile succulents or those with multiple stems, we take extra care by gently stuffing them with cotton.

Plants are shipped within 4-7 days to guarantee that your succulent is thoroughly dried, minimizing the risk of rot during transit. Please track your package and open it immediately upon arrival.

We do not ship outside of the United States.

Return Policy

We cannot accept returns on plant orders because the plants cannot survive 2-way shipping. However, we gladly offer refund or replacements if the plants arrived damaged. Please contact us at: if you have an issue with your plant order. Provide your order number and photos of the damage, both the packaging and the plants.

For pots and other non-plant orders, full refunds will be issued for any reason if your order is returned undamaged within 14 days of delivery. Customer is responsible for return shipping fees and any damage that occurs during transit. 

Note: it is the responsibility of customers residing in areas subject to heat waves or freezing weather to plan the shipments until the weather is safe for shipping. We are not responsible for damage done to plants by extreme weather.

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